Debra Russell

Fine Art, Painting
& Photography


1994  Wendy Cooke-Tonneson Studio Exhibitions
2002 Theo Soggot School of Art student group exhibition
2007 Selected for top 100 shortlist: Ekurhuleni National Fine Arts Award.
2007 A.W.T Group Exhibition Ekurhuleni.
2011 Studio Collective student exhibition.
2012 Debra Russell Studio exhibition.
2013 Studio Collective group exhibition.

"It is not the medium,
but the Art itself"

Following this maxim, during my career as an artist, I have explored life drawing, watercolours, charcoal and am now focusing on oil painting, my current medium of choice.

The process of creating an artwork is fascinating to me. Often, I will start a painting with an idea of how it will turn out, but due to the nature of making art, it will develop into something quite new and exciting. Tone is the focus of my work. Light and shadow can convey so much to the viewer: the mood, emotions and even the personality of the subject matter.

Teaching others is the ultimate learning, and has given me great joy to watch the progression my students have made, and to witness the enjoyment they gain from their art.

I feel that one can never know all there is to know in art, and for this reason I continuously learn and expand my knowledge base through workshops and interactions.

Fine art photography is a wonderful medium that I have branched into. The atmosphere that is Omni-present in my paintings is also present in my photographs. A beautiful photograph depicting the right mood and lighting is an artwork in itself. I love how photography has enabled me to explore a different aspect of my creativity.


1984 Minneapolis College of Art and Design.
Taught art course at the Adult Community Centre in Minneapolis.
1985 J.Walter Thompson - visualizer, art director assistant.
1986 Graduated from Leggat's School of Fashion Design.
1987 Fashion Designer at Jaff & Co.
1994 Began career as an artist, while also teaching art and photography at Benoni Technical College and Damelin.
2007 Opened own studio to pursue full-time art career, and to offer art lessons.
2009 Attended National Photography College to complete several photography workshops and courses under Martin Osner
2012 Photographic workshops at NextGen Photo Academy.

Attended art workshops on an ongoing basis to keep
up-to-date with art techniques.

  • Kerri Evans workshop.
  • Gregg Kerr workshop.
  • Oil painting classes at Lionel Smit' studio.
  • Workshops at Studio Collective with Danie De Wet and Trevor Lloyd Evans.
  • Carl Jeppe's life drawing workshops.
  • Dianne Victor's life drawing workshop.
  • Life drawing classes with Theo Soggot.

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